Hello Dolly – creating my gallery wall

Have you ever wanted a gallery wall but just didn’t know where to start? The square pieces of paper cut out and hung in places on the wall or laid out in the floor works for some but does’nt work for me. I have to really just get started and go for it. I collected wall decor afraid to start, didn’t want to mess up and have holes in the wall but one evening I said I’ve got some pieces I love, Im just gonna do this! The gallery wall in my living room is actually the first one I’ve really put together and I’ve enjoyed creating it so much that I thought it would be fun to talk a little about my process.

In my opinion the best way to start a gallery wall is to find one favorite piece. A piece you will work out from, the focal point of the wall.  Something that really speaks to you. In my case it was my “Dolly” print from Magnolia Market. I had ordered this piece months before I created my wall and was just waiting for the perfect spot to put it. It caught my eye as soon as I saw it! The white with the black & that it was a horse. Im a huge horse lover & actually barrel raced competitively for years but…memories…back to the wall. The Dolly print stuck out to me and had meaning. Plus you know us Kentucky girls and horses!  Once I started my wall I knew that print was where I would begin. I also had an old church pew that had been in storage for years waiting for the right spot and finally here it was! So I brought the pew & Dolly home and got to work.

My wall wasn’t put together all at once. It has evolved as I’ve found pieces to add. So I started with my pew, Dolly, my favorite wall hooks from paintedfoxhome.com & one of my handmade signs. Once I decided on a spot to hang Dolly I worked from there trying to balance size, shape and color. I’ve built my wall with pieces from friends as well as items with little hidden meanings like my antique level. My level is symbolic of my relationship with my dad, him being a carpenter & me now working with wood, so thats a fun little reminder I get to see daily.

My gallery is my entry so my wall hooks work great to grab coats and scarves as I head in and out. I also had a metal J from Hobby Lobby that I had been hanging onto for the right spot so up it went ( last name Johnson ). So there it is…I started with Dolly, added some pieces  with meaning and function and worked my way out. Most of the art pieces on my wall now are from my amazing fellow maker friends. That is something I love, having pieces made by my friends that have so much meaning. I still fill a spot here and there with my own signs and as a new piece finds its way in I move things around.

Gallery walls are also a fun space to change up for holidays. Especially being an entry with a bench I can add seasonal pillows or a scarf with a pop of color.

So grab a favorite piece and go for it! Create a space you love to look at and that has some fun meanings to you. Don’t worry about the holes….you can always patch those 😉

Here are a few shots of how my wall has evolved since I started it. I’ve also added some links for some of my favorite items used on my wall below the pics. Hope this is helpful if your considering starting your own gallery wall. Now every time I walk through the door I get to say “Hello Dolly” 😉👋🏻🐴


Here are some links to some of my favorite shops and their products used on my wall

VOL 25 Vol25 Cotton canvas hanging

Wall hooks PaintedFoxHome

Gather Wooden Cutout from Feather & Birch Feather & Birch


11 thoughts on “Hello Dolly – creating my gallery wall

  1. Could you tell me the measurements of your “J”? I have looked everywhere for an “F” out of the same font and have not had any luck. Let me know if you have suggestions on where to find one. Thank you!


    1. Hi! It’s 39.5″ tall and 11″ at the widest point near the bottom. This one came from Hobby Lobby but I did purchase it awhile ago. It’s made of metal. I’ve had a lot of inquiries so I’m going to do a little research and see if I can find something similar. I’ll update you if I locate anything.


  2. Getting ready to do a gallery wall. Have been ordering things I really like and still waiting on few. Found this very helpful. Good read. Thanks


  3. Hi! I just love this space you created!! It is so beautiful and cozy! What size Dolly horse head did you order? I noticed there are two sizes on the website? Thank you so much


  4. I love your gallery wall and your beatiful posts on IG. What color and brand of paint is on your wall and baseboards?


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